Vitebsk – “Youth Capital 2022”. What Students Say and Think

students say 05Maxim says that VSMU students talk a lot about upcoming exciting events. He emphasizes that this is a great honor and merit for Vitebsk to receive the title of “Youth Capital 2022”.

To the question “Which of the numerous events will be the most interesting for you?” Maxim replied:

– I study at VSMU and love people, I like helping them. Therefore, I am most interested in various volunteer movements.

Natasha noticed that she had already heard about this holiday, and now she is looking forward to it. She is sure that the “Youth Capital” will be held at the highest level. “I'm planning to go to the Theatre Named After Yakub Kolas today, and I will definitely go to the holiday concert this Saturday,” Natasha said. 

Anastasia shared her thoughts on which of the numerous events she finds most fascinating and why, “I am very interested in events dedicated to art. For instance, our university organizes lots of different exhibitions and trips to the theater. And the coolest thing about it is that people from 51 universities of the country attend all these events!

Nikira Demian and Dilmi Chandrasekare from Sri Lanka are also looking forward to the “Youth Capital 2022” event. They are very excited to learn about what will be happening, as it is a new experience for them.

Students of different years and faculties discuss upcoming events, giving  each other sincere smiles and expecting loads of positive emotions.

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