Studying Pediatrics by the 4th-year Students of the Overseas Students Training Faculty

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At the Pediatric Faculty, students of the Overseas Students Training Faculty are studying Pediatrics in the 4th year. In the spring semester, classes are devoted to childhood diseases.

On March 23, students of the 50th group visited a specialized orphanage, where one of the clinical bases of the Pediatric Faculty is located. During the lesson, the students got acquainted with the peculiarities of the work of the orphanage, visited groups of children of different ages, talked to the kids, who were glad to meet the guests.

Dean of the Pediatric Faculty E.G. Asiryan together with the Head of the Chair of Pediatrics No.1 E.G. Kosenkova taught students the peculiarities of caring for children of different ages, for babies who have different developmental characteristics, introduced them to the methods of rehabilitation of children with central nervous system diseases.

During the lesson, students received not only new knowledge, but also understood what qualities a future pediatrician should have, how important it is to be able to sympathize with little patients, to be able to take care of them, to give them warmth and love.


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Dean of the Pediatric Faculty E.G. Asiryan