Guide for students "Scientific degrees"

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The university hosted a meeting with students who plan to engage themselves with science in the future. The event was organized by the Student Council of the education quality of VSMU.

There was a lecture, with the information about levels of higher education, about that how to obtain qualification categories and scientific degrees in medicine, what advantages a scientific degree provides. The lecturers were VSMU students: Yana Kaznovetskaya, Ekaterina Kovaleva and Natalia Gaponko.

Then one of the young teachers of the university, Sergey Igorevich Generalov, spoke to the young researchers. He graduated with honors from General Medical Faculty of VSMU in 2018. Now he is an assistant at the Chair of Pathological Physiology and a postgraduate student in the specialty "Clinical Immunology, Allergology". Sergey Igorevich believes that the presence of such projects makes life much easier for students because before it used to be different: students had to reread a large amount of literature to get things in order. He also spoke about the requirements for admission to the Master’s program, how to choose a research advisor, what modern literature to use.

The meeting showed that a detailed plan is already half the success.

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VSMU Media Center: Polina Shinkevich, 3rd year student of Stomatological Faculty.