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On 17th of April 2022, the Indian Medical Students Union organised the celebration of the famous Indian festival “HOLI” outside the student hostel N1.

Holi is a popular Hindu festival also known as the Festival of Colors or the Festival of Love.

The festival celebrates the eternal and divine love of Radha Krishna. It also signifies the triumph of good over evil as it celebrates the victory of Lord Vishnu.


Holi was celebrated by students of foreign faculty with great enthusiasm and a large number of students participated.  There were colors everywhere and all the students threw colors at each other and danced to the beat of the music. 

There was also a food stall serving Indian delicacies like Pani Puri, Jalebi, Gulab Jamun, Samosas and many more snacks.

The event was also attended by Maria Alekseevna Sinkovich, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Overseas Students Training.

Everyone was having fun, getting paint on each other, dancing and shouting "Happy Holi!"

Talal Muhammad, 5th year, Group 52

VSMU media centre

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