Exhibition of Indian medical students at Vitebsk State University

indiya vistavka 01An exhibition of paintings of Sushan Bhatt and Geetansh Sharma from India, who are studying at the Faculty of Overseas Students Training of VSMU, was held at the premises of Artistic-Graphic faculty of P.M. Masherov Vitebsk State University on Tuesday, the 19th of April. This exhibition combined two of the students' solo exhibitions: "The Beautiful World of India" and "A Portrait of Reflection".

It had many paintings done by both students: portraits, still life paintings, genre paintings, religious and historical arts. Many were with a moral message behind them. Students from the Indian Students’ Union of VSMU, students of VSU, teachers of the artistic faculty and dignitaries from the dean’s office of VSMU were present at the exhibition.

At the end students were taken on a tour around the artistic-graphic faculty which had of many paintings and sculptures done by the students of the faculty.

In my opinion, such joint inter-university events contribute to the development of student friendship, solidarity and a better understanding of their own and other cultures.

Kavinda De Soyza, the 5-year student of the faculty of overseas students training  

VSMU media centre

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