"Farewell" - a party with graduates of FOST 2022

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On 15 May the annual event - a farewell party with graduates - was held at 's restaurant "У Ганны". This year it was called "Hasta La Vista".

Traditionally, this celebration is organised for the graduates ("Cavaliers" team) by the 4th year students ("Genesis" team) of the Sri Lankan Union VSMU. It was attended by deputy dean of the faculty of overseas students training M.A.Senkovich and professor V.S.Glushanko, supervisor of Sri Lankan students.

It was an exciting event filled with positive emotions, entertainment, humour and good memories. The stirring dances, fun games, contests and memorable videos made the evening unforgettable. The graduates were presented with "Tthanksgiving  letters" to their parents and memorable souvenirs.

During the event, everyone could taste the delicious Sri Lankan national dishes prepared by the 4th year students. And a batch cake was being cut. After the celebration, all students enjoyed dancing on the dance floor.

Everyone had a great time, leaving warm memories, vivid emotions and great happiness in their hearts!

Kavinda De Soyza, the 5-year student of the faculty of overseas students training  

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