Visiting of the mobile exhibition and lecture complex “Train of Memory"

poezd pobedi 01

On June 13, 2022, students and staff of VSMU visited "Train of Memory", which arrived in Vitebsk. This project is a unique interactive exposition with the "effect of presence" and dedicated to the feat of the Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War. The exposition is created in the carriages of a mobile exhibition and lecture complex.

"Train of Memory" includes 12 carriages, 9 of which are exhibitional. There is an incredible number of realistic three-dimensional panoramas, multi-figured compositions and sculptures inside the train. Each carriage reflects a separate page of the Great Patriotic War. The dramatic events of the war years, historical facts, destinies and memories of people are intertwined here.

All visitors were given headphones and an audio guide at the entrance. This unique project made an indelible impression on everyone who was lucky enough to be on the “Train of Memory”.

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