Excursion to Braslav Region

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On June 4, students of VSMU, including students of Faculty of Overseas Students Training, again went on an excursion. This time - to Braslav Region.

The excursion started with a visit to Church of the Corpus Christi in the village of Ikazn and Church of Devine Providence in Slobodka – architectural monuments of the early 20th century.

Then the students visited the Braslav Lakes, one of the main tourist attraction of the country. There are about 300 of them. The lakes God's eye, Nespish, Nedrovo, Slobodkovsky Esker Ridge, Devil's Pit are a part of Braslav Lakes National Park.

During a sightseeing tour of the city of Braslav, we visited Church of Virgin Mary, visited the festival of medieval culture "Brachyslav’s Sword", which took place on the hillfort "Castle Hill".

We managed to admire the amazing picture of lake landscapes from Mayak Mountain, quench our thirst and taste the healing water from the Okmenitsa spring, which is very often visited by numerous tourists.

The excursion ended with a visit Church of St. John the Baptist in Opsa (the church is included in the State List of Historical and Cultural Treasures of the Republic of Belarus) and  Church of the Nativity of St. Virgin Mary in Vidzy – the highest religious building in Belarus.

Those who have visited Braslav Region at least once will remember the breadth and expanse of natural pictures of Belarusian Lakeland for a long time.

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