Evening of International Friendship at VSMU

vecher drujby 01On October 31, 2022, there was the “International Evening of Friendship and National Cultures” which was organized by the Trade Union Organization of Students of VSMU, together with the Dean's Office of the Overseas Students Training Faculty of VSMU as part of the festival of medical students “Student Autumn of VSMU – 2022”.

During the event anyone could go on a trip and see the cultural artifacts of the international students who come to study at our university: anyone could enjoy the sounds of the most outlandish musical instruments, see some traditional national costumes, jewelry, money and household items. It turned out that you can travel to many countries of the world being within your own university.

The guests of this colorful event were met by students in national costumes representing their country. Everyone could get acquainted with the traditions and peculiarities of the culture of different peoples.

The journey to different parts of the world began with an acquaintance with the culture of Belarus. Girls and boys in national costumes offered to get acquainted with handicrafts made of straw, beads and yarn, made in our traditional style, the guys also enthusiastically talked about the history and culture of the Belarusian people.

The exhibition was continued by students of different nationalities (India, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Turkmenistan, Pakistan, Egypt, Nigeria), who prepared a thematic tour of the cultural values, customs, and history of their people.

The unusually colorful folk costumes and decorations of the Sri Lankan community immediately attracted the guests' attention of this event: the guys prepared a fascinating exhibition that included both historical artifacts and modern household items of their people. A corner of India was remembered by everyone for the smell of incense and, of course, for the beauty and richness of the design of the outfits. Nigeria captivated visitors with bright colors of national clothes and household items, made in rich colors and decorated with all sorts of patterns.

After everyone had gotten acquainted and enjoyed the richness of the atmosphere and uniqueness of each culture, had tried favorite national dishes and drinks, and had taken memorable photos with foreign friends, the festival was moved to lecture room № 3.

Elizaveta Kharitonovich, the Chairman of the Commission for Work with Foreign Citizens of the Trade Union Committee of VSMU Students opened the evening meeting. She was telling about the friendly atmosphere among students from different countries within the walls of our university. She also noted the importance to maintain and strengthen this friendship, peaceful relations in the modern world and develop international, cultural and educational ties between our countries.

Republic of Belarus was represented by Olga Belyaeva, a student of Pharmaceutical Faculty. In her speech, she was telling about the main stages of the history and the formation of the independence of our country, about the territorial and administrative structure of the state and the directions of international cooperation. Olga gave an overview of the main sights and customs of our Belarusian land rich in traditions.

Then foreign students introduced the guests to the culture of their countries through multimedia presentations, videos and images depicting the most famous sights and national features of their Homeland. During the entire event, a warm friendly atmosphere reigned in the hall. The performance of each participant was accompanied by unceasing applause, the support of the audience and a keen interest in the culture of the country.

The event allowed the participants to plunge into the traditions and culture of various countries of the world, look at traditional national costumes, jewelry and household items.

Medicine has no international borders, language barriers, religious differences. We all have chosen the path of humanity, philanthropy, gratuitous help to others, saving lives. And VSMU is a place of people of different age, character, religion, and nationality having a common goal – to make this world a better place.

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