Friendship of the peoples of VSMU on Belarusian television

telev dobr utroA discussion on the student life of foreign students was held on Tuesday the 8th of November, at the interclub of Hostel No:1. It was conducted by the journalists of the local TV channel “Belarus-1” from Minsk, lead by Svetlana Borovskaya the host.

A few students representing India, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Turkmenistan and Lebanon clad in their traditional costumes took part in the programme, whilst Sinduja and Bhanuja from Sri lanka performed an eye-catching traditional dance. The discussion was followed by a showcase of their traditional sweetmeats which the guests thoroughly enjoyed.

Students were guided by Maria Alexeevna Senkovich, the cultural dean of the Faculty of Overseas Studentsy’ training. This will be telecasted on 26th of November, on the channel’s morning show “Dobraj ranicy, Belarus!” (which is for Good morning Belarus in the Belarusian language).

VSMU Media Center:
De Soiza Bodadura Kavinda Jerome,
6 year FOST, "General Medicine"