Trip to Nesvizh and Mir Castles with students of the Overseas Students Training Faculty during the winter holidays

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On February 10, 2023, a wonderful trip to the historical and cultural museum complex – Nesvizh and Mir Castles –  took place. 40 students from Sri Lanka, Nigeria, India, Lebanon, Maldives enjoyed the greatness, history and picturesque architecture of the national treasure of Belarus. The leaders of the group were the deputy dean of the OSTF Senkovich M.A. and the facilitator of the Department of Pedagogical Work with the Young Nazarev S.M.

When entering the territory of the inner courtyard of the Nesvizh Castle, we plunged into the atmosphere of true luxury, in which the richest people of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania lived. And in the castle itself, a surprise awaited for us: a costumed theatrical meeting of the "castle owners" – the Princes Radziwills. During an amazing tour in English through the halls of the castle, students got acquainted with the wealth, luxury and solemnity of those times. Then we visited the magnificent Catholic Church, which is also the ancestral tomb of the princely family.

Having moved to Mir, we had lunch at the Prince's Court restaurant, which is located in the dungeons of the Mir Castle. And the decoration of the inner chambers of the castle immersed us in an atmosphere of stiffness, nobility and fabulous legends. After that, we were able to walk around the galleries and climb the towers and wander around the military fortresses and defensive structures. A wonderful sightseeing trip not only introduced foreign students of VSMU to the architectural monuments included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, but left in their hearts new impressions, vivid emotions and gratitude for the opportunity to have a wonderful winter vacation!

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