Department of Human Anatomy

Research work of the Department of Human Anatomy is carried out in 4 areas:

1. Research on options of human structure;

2. Morphological verification of experimental studies;

3. Development and improvement of modern methods of anatomical technology;

4. Development of techniques for a practice-oriented (competency-based) approach to the study of human anatomy by students studying in the specialties of General Medicine, Pediatrics and Stomatology.

Educational and Ideological Work of the Department of Human Anatomy

Student Scientific Circle of the Department of Human Anatomy

Educational process at the Department of Human Anatomy includes a knowledge control with an entrance written test consisting of 10 questions with a multimedia presentation at each laboratory lesson; oral questioning on anatomical preparations in laboratory rooms; knowledge control of anatomical preparations at 8 (in the specialty “General Medicine” and “Stomatology”) or 9 (in the specialty “Stomatology”) final classes (colloquiums) for each of 8 modules: 3 – in the 1st semester, 3 – in the 2nd semester, 2 – in the 3rd semester (in the specialty “Stomatology”).