Department of Pharmacy of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Staff Retraining

In accordance with the order of the rector of the university No. 293-OD dated 08/31/2023, in order to optimize the educational process and on the basis of the decision of the University Council (minutes No. 15 dated 08/31/2023), the DEPARTMENT was created and included in the structure of the faculty of advanced training and retraining of personnel from 09/01/2023 PHARMACY FACULTY OF ADVANCED QUALIFICATIONS AND RETRAINING PERSONNEL.

Address: 210009 Vitebsk, Frunze Ave., 27,

main academic building, 2nd floor, room. No. 231, 233 – 235, 237 – 239.

Phone: +375 212 60 14 08

As of 09/01/2023, the staff of the department consists of 8 people, of which 5 teachers carry out the educational process in FPK and PC courses (1 person is on maternity leave). Educational support staff of 2 people helps provide educational and methodological support for the educational process:

Khutkina Galina Aleksandrovna - head of the department, candidate of pharmaceutical sciences, associate professor

Dorofeeva Tatyana Anatolyevna – senior teacher, responsible for educational and methodological support of the educational process

Yakovleva Olga Aleksandrovna – associate professor (0.25 rate), candidate of biological sciences, (head of the department of doctoral and postgraduate studies at VSMU)

Ignatieva Elena Vladimirovna – senior lecturer (Deputy Dean of Faculty of Education and Training)

Shabunin Evgeniy Sergeevich – senior lecturer, Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences (trade union of the department)

Vernigorova Marina Nikolaevna – senior lecturer

Kurash Elena Pavlovna – laboratory assistant

Smirnova Daria Dmitrievna - laboratory assistant

The department organizes and conducts advanced training and retraining courses for persons with higher pharmaceutical education from among managers and specialists of public health authorities, enterprises, heads of pharmacy organizations and their structural divisions, and for specialist pharmacists.

The topics of advanced training cover a wide range of the most relevant and important from a practical point of view issues of the work of pharmacy organizations.

The topics of scientific research of employees are devoted to current problems of pharmacy. Employees of the department take an active part in the development of regulatory legal acts of the Republic of Belarus regulating the circulation of medicines, medical devices and other pharmaceutical products.

The staff of the department takes part in the implementation of research on the problems of pharmaceutical education in higher education "Study of factors influencing the formation and development of professional competencies among students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and students of the Faculty of Education and Training in the study of the academic discipline "Organization and Economics of Pharmacy."