Bud'ko Natalya Anatol'evna

BudkoNASubdivision: Department of Therapeutic dentistry of educational establishment «Vitebsk State Medical University»
Position: Associate Professor
Academic degree: Candidate of Medical Sciences
Academic rank: Associate Professor

Short summary

Born August 16, 1984 in Vitebsk. In 2006 graduated the Dental Faculty of the Vitebsk Medical University.

2006-07 y.y.: Doctor-intern of the Vitebsk regional dental clinic.

2007-09 y.y.: Dentist-therapist Vitebsk regional dental clinic.

2009-2012 y.y.: Assistant of the Department of Therapeutic dentistry of educational establishment «Vitebsk State Medical University»

2012-2015 y.y.: Senior teacher of chair of therapeutic dentistry VSMU

2015 y.-present - associate professor of Department of therapeutic dentistry of educational establishment «Vitebsk State Medical University».

Dentist of the highest qualification category.

List of scientific publications

In 2012 defended candidate dissertation on the topic: « The role of iodine-containing thyroid hormones in increase of stability of periodontal and tooth enamel to chronic stress impact».

During the scientific-practical and pedagogical activity has published more than 60 works on the following subjects:

  • educational and methodical editions: Guideline on therapeutic dentistry for the 5-th term. The pоstendodontic restoration in dentistry.
  • disciplines of choice. Pin designs in the clinic therapeutic dentistry.
  • the introduction of pedagogical innovations in teaching discipline "Therapeutic dentistry",
  • the influence of thyroid hormones on the body's resistance to chronic stress,
  • works on aesthetic restoration, prevention of dental diseases, periodontology, the diseases of the oral mucosa.

Developed innovations, acts of introduction in the practical health and in the learning process.