Immunological and Microbiological Research Group

Group immunological and microbiological studies

From left to right: Kuznechik А.V., Khairulina N.V., Khotetovskaya Zh.V.

In 1970 clinical immunological laboratory based on the Central Scientific Research Laboratory of Vitebsk State Medical University was founded, later it became an immunological research group in the process of reorganization.

Group members:
Head of the group - researcher Khotetovskaya Zhanna Vasilyevna
Laboratory assistant (I category) - Khairulina Natalia Vasilyevna
Laboratory assistant (I category) - Kuznechik Alla Victorovna
The group varies depending on carried out studies.


  • Flow cytofluorimettr FC 500, «Bekman Colter» (USA);
  • Universal Photometer F 300TP with software «Medarm» (RB);
  • Incubator with water jacket and a microprocessor control (CO2 thermostat) Series 3517, Shelab (US);
  • Microscopes;
  • Dust installation (RF);
  • Spectrophotometer SF-46 (RF);
  • Apparatus for shaking AV-10P (RF);
  • Laboratory centrifuges OPN-3, OPN-8 (the Russian Federation);
  • Thermostats: dry-air electric (RF) refrigerated heating circulator HTZ / 40-2 (RB);
  • Deep freeze refrigerator DF 8517GL;
  • Pump for vacuum filtration of samples, Sartorius (USA);
  • Pump for sterility control Steritest Equinox, Merck Millipore (Germany);
  • Laboratory washing machine G7883, Miele (Germany);
  • Isolated box room to perform research in a sterile environment.

Main directions of the research activity:

  • Studies of cellular and humoral immunity in infectious diseases, cancer, autoimmune diseases and other pathological states in patients and in modeling some of these in animals.
  • Pre-clinical and clinical trials of medicinal products.

Provision of scientific and practical assistance to graduates, doctoral students and applicants on theses topics.
Accredited methods:
Investigation of microbiological purity of drugs:

  • for the total number of viable aerobes;
  • for the presence of specific microorganisms (enterobacteriaceae and other gram negative bacteria);
  • for the presence of yeast and fungi.

Investigation of the microbiological purity of purified water:

  • for the total number of viable aerobes.