Morphological Research Group

morphological studies group
From left to right: Kosova M.S., Karpenko Ye.A.

Group members:
Head – senior researcher Candidate of Veterinary Sciences Karpenko Yelena Alexandrovna
Laboratory assistant (II category) - Kosova Marina Sergeyevna
The group staff changes depending on the scope of research performed.


The equipment necessary for carrying out of histological and histochemical studies is at the group’s disposal:

  • Fluorescence microscope Leica DM 2500 equipped with video output DFC320,
  • Microscope «Axiovert 135», Zeizz,
  • Rotary Microtome for paraffin sections Leica RM 125,
  • Freezing Microtome Leica CM 1850
  • Microtome for paraffin sections,
  • Automatic processor for histological tissue treatment TR1020 Leica,
  • Apparatus for filling blocks with paraffin Leica EG 1120,
  • Equipment for automatic staining of tissue sections ST 5020,
  • Apparatus for coating slides Leica CV 5030,
  • Ultratom "Ultrakat".

Research in the group are conducted in compliance with GLP requirements and STB ISO / IEC 17025.

The group is accredited for the following research methods:

  • staining of microsections of tissues and organs with hematoxylin-eosin;
  • staining of microsections of tissues and organs on connective tissue by azocarmine method by Mallory in Gandengine modification;
  • staining of lipids with sudan III-IV and sudan black;
  • staining of microsections of tissues and organs with picro-fuchsin.

Non-accredited methods of histological and histochemical studies are also used, depending on the experimental needs.

The main directions of research activity:

  • Pre-clinical trials of medicinal products.
  • Provision of scientific and practical assistance to graduats, doctoral students and applicants on the topics of their theses.