Experimental Pathology and Pharmacology Research Group

exp patGroup members:

Head of the group, junior researcher – Stolyarova Valentina Nicholayena
Chief laboratory assistant - Minina Galina Vladimirovna
Laboratory assistant (I category) – Mishchenko Stanislava Stanislavovna

The group staff is added depending on the research conducted.


The Group has operating, handling and treatment rooms. There are large and small surgical kits to perform most operations. The Group has equipment that allows to control the main parameters of the vital functions of laboratory animals: electric track PRO FORM 515, set "open field" camera to evaluate the oxygen consumption, thermostats to determine swimming duration and others.

The Experimental Pathology and Pharmacology Research Group conducts toxicological, pharmacological studies and modeling of pathological processes outside the human body to obtain by means of scientific methods evaluation and proof of the efficacy and safety of drugs, as well as new information on the pathogenic mechanisms of pathological processes, methods of their correction and monitoring.

Experiments are conducted in accordance with GLP, using vivarium facilities. At the end of an experiment removal of animals from the experiment is carried out in compliance with the requirements of bioethics and the Helsinki Declaration of the humane treatment of laboratory animals, sampling biological fluids and tissues of experimental animals for subsequent biochemical, physical, chemical, immunological, hematological, and pathological studies.

The group is accredited for the following methods of clinical and experimental studies:

  • pre-clinical trials of medicinal products in accordance with the requirements of the Technical Code of Practice TKP 125-2008 (02040) "Good Laboratory Practice";
  • study of common toxicity;
  • study of immunotoxicity and allergenic potency;
  • study of embryotoxic effect and impact on reproductive function;
  • study of mutagenicity;
  • study of carcinogenicity;
  • testing of preparations for pyrogenicity in rabbits;
  • testing of drugs for toxicity on white mice.

Non-accredited methods of clinical and experimental studies are also used, depending on the experimental needs.