Physiological Research group

The physiological group was established in1963. In 1999 within this group a direction of experimental pathology of the heart and vessels appeared. The group has all necessary modern equipment for dealing with isolated organs.

Group members:

physio 1

Head of the group, senior researcher, Candidate of Biological Sciences - Lazuko Svetlana Stepanovna
Junior researcher – Mayorova Svetlana Sergeyevna
Laboratory assistant (I category) - Vasilyonok Tatiana Victorovna

physio 2 physio 3

The staff can be changed in case of carrying out funded.


  • Installation for perfusion of isolated hearts of small laboratory animals IH-SR type 844/1 (HSE-HA, Germany), equipped with sensors to measure the volume of coronary flow velocity (1RB-flow, for flowmetry TTFM type 700, the HSE), aortic and developed intraventricular pressure (Isotec pressure transducer), connected with modules for pressure measuring ТАМ-А, HSE-HA. All measuring equipment is connected to a computer in which by using ACAD program (HSE, Germany) registration and processing of measured indicators is carried out.
  • Baths for isolated organs - Schuler Organ bath Type 809 (Hugo Sachs Elektronik, Germany) equipped with force sensors F30 Type 372 (Hugo Sachs Elektronik, Germany) and the amplifier of module type TAM-A Type 705/1 HSE. Data are processed by HSE ACAD program (FRG).

Physiological group conducts research on an isolated by Langendorff rat heart and isolated aortic ring. Modeling a variety of physiological and pathological conditions in small laboratory animals and studying the influence of these conditions on isolated organs allows to exarticulate the pathological mechanisms of disorders of the heart and blood vessels.