Department of Clinical residency and Internship

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Main tasks of the department of clinical residency and internship are:

  • internship organizational and methodological providing;
  • clinical residency organizational and methodological providing;
  • summarizing of internship and clinical residency.

Functions of the department of clinical residency and internship:

  • monitoring the implementation of regulations and orders of the rector of the university in the organization of residency and internship;
  • participation in the selection of health facilities as bases for internship and personnel of managers for interns;
  • coordination for the internship between the university, health departments of regional executive committees, health institutions and pharmacies;
  • management and control over the activities of specialized departments for organization of training and methodological support of interns and clinical residents at the bases of health care institutions and pharmacies;
  • together with heads of specialized departments selection of teachers managing interns and clinical residents training;
  • organization of intermediate and final control of clinical residents and interns training;
  • implementation of the goals and objectives of the University policy in the field of quality;
  • maintains the rules of record-keeping in the system of quality management;
  • collecting, accumulation, storage and analysis of data on the performed work quality;
  • development and implementation of corrective actions to comply with remarks and deviations revealed by internal and external audits of quality management system.