The meeting of exemplary students "Student Olympus - 2016"

previewThe meeting of exemplary students "Student Olympus - 2016" took place on the first day of the festival. The most diligent, inquisitive and industrious students of VSMU have gathered in the assembly hall of the main building. Perhaps at that time this place collected the highest density of intellect in our city. During the opening ceremony, the Rector of the university emphasized that the intellectual student elite of our university, our pride and hope had gathered in this hall. Of course, these words inspired the audience a lot.

The head of DTME G.G. Sinkov told about the benefits of cloud computing technologies in today's education and distance learning system. The head of the simulation center Rednenko V.V. invited the best students to join the ranks of university tutors (students acting as teachers). Then students of different courses and faculties took the stage making their speech about the prospects and advantages of excellent study. It is worth noting the bright and informative report of Davidovich Helen, a fifth-year student of Pharmaceutical Faculty, who shared her impressions about the International Chemical Olympic Games, in which she participated only due to her diligence, and where our team "White pill" took the 1st place. At the end of the official part, the students granted the presidential scholarship were given the certificates. The concert of best numbers of student amateurs as a special gift was given to honors students.

Mariya Bukreeva, a third-year student of General Medicine Faculty

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