Slovak delegation visits VSMU

slovak 06On January 16, 2019, the delegation from the Slovak Republic, headed by professor Jan Kiselovich, the department of pharmacology and toxicology of the Pharmaceutical faculty of J. Komensky University in Bratislava, including Josef Miglash, Executive Director of “NatiVita Central Europe” LLC, and Martin Pinchek, a doctoral student of the Pharmaceutical Faculty at J. Komensky University, was welcomed at VSMU. This visit was carried out within the framework of the Memorandum of Understanding on bilateral cooperation in the field of research signed between VSMU and I. Komensky University in Bratislava.

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Visit of Asian-Pacific Institute of Management delegation, New-Delhi, India

IMG 5502On 17th January 2017, during the visit to the Republic of Belarus, the delegation of Asian-Pacific Institute of Management (Republic of India, New Delhi) headed by Mr. A.K. Srivastava paid a visit to Vitebsk State Medical University. During talks with Vice-rector of International Affairs and Work with Foreign Citizens, Candidate of Medical Science Savchuk M.M. and the head of International Relations Department, Candidate of Medical Science Matyushchenko O.V., the parties discussed the prospects of admission for Indian students at VSMU.

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"Patenting and intellectual property protection" seminar

seminar patentovedenie2On November 30, 2016, the Council of young scientists initiated a seminar on "Patenting and protection of intellectual property" to be conducted at the University. Two speeches were delivered during the seminar. Senior lecturer of the Department of Forensic Medicine, O.A. Fedchuk introduced to participants the actual information on intellectual property protection in the Republic of Belarus. Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology with the course of technology transfer N.V. Dubashinskaya made a report on "The Eurasian Patent System".

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"Quickstep" celebrating a jubilee!

glagneIn the midst of the student autumn, namely on 1st November 2016, we were invited by the "Quickstep" ballroom dance ensemble to its anniversary. The ensemble is more than 10 years. Everyone was so eager to see this concert, when hardly the music started, as terrific applause immediately burst out in the hall! And the applause grew louder and louder with each successive performance. Dancers were charged with the energy of the audience, which gave them even more confidence. Their smiles never left their faces. The guys obviously loved what they were doing on the stage! Insanely sensual, vivid, subtle, sometimes eccentric, they were able to please themselves and us with great dances! Well, what a festival without guests?! Inimitable Denis Markevich, a cheerful "Millennium", a powerful INFINITY and others were invited to this jubilee.

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“Safety Week”

safety week 01

On September 27, at VSMU, as part of information and legal education activities for the 1st students of higher education establishments and within the Safety Week for the purpose of preventing road accidents, a meeting of the 1st year students of Pharmaceutical Faculty. It was held with the senior state traffic inspector of the technical supervision and prevention department of the State Road Inspectorate of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee, police major V.L. Buevich.

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A Noble Mission

previewIn accordance with the Global Strategy for Action to achieve one hundred percent voluntary blood donation that was developed jointly by the World Health Organization and the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre of Transfusion and Medical Biotechnology constantly raises awareness about free voluntary blood donation among students and teachers of higher education institutions. As a result, this year, 385 of our students have become unpaid donors by doing this noble and honorable mission for every not indifferent person.

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