I Forum of youth scientific communities

IMG 94901st Forum of youth scientific communities was held on 2 November, 2016 in the walls of the Vitebsk State Medical University. This event brought together 76 young scientists, graduate students, specialists who work with young people, students and academic staff from 30 higher educational institutions and scientific organizations in Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. This forum was organized by the Council of VSMU young scientists and Open University Skolkovo.

Professor Anatoly Tadeushevich Shchastny, the rector of Vitebsk State Medical University, delivered a greeting speech, and then Natalia Gerasimova, a community development manager, addressed the meeting. Afterwards the forum participants made their speeches, and discussed the reports in an open and friendly atmosphere. Tasks of effective involvement of youth in research studies, ways of effective cooperation in the development of applied researches and training in leading centers and abroad, solving problems of finance sources and material support of young scientists were actual and interesting for all participants.

The guests of the forum were specialists in medical innovation, business and management in medicine, leading specialists of practical medicine.

The meeting ended up by conducting the training on formation of public relations and communication skills in the modern scientific community, summarizing, and exchanging contacts for future joint projects.

Thanks to all the participants of the Forum!