Mr. VSMU-2016

previewThe lobby of the assembly hall was quite noisy and overcrowded last Saturday, the spectators began to occupy their seats one and a half hour before the "Mr. VSMU 2016" competition starts to support their favorite participant. And the contest was deserved to be seen. The most talented, charming and charismatic 12 students of our university competed for the "Mr. VSMU 2016" title. Young people had to come up with a number of fashion shows, to answer the tricky questions of hosts and to demonstrate their artistic performances.

Lee Moses in his questionnaire indicated that his favorite music was Russian, so he was asked to perform his favorite song snippet. It was so cool, when, after the first words of the song "Soldier", it was sung by the whole audience.

During the competition of artistic performances, the students were singing, dancing, and reciting poems. The dumb mini-performance made by Michael Chibikov "Dummies" was very original and memorable. It was a heartfelt play about love, life and death, which left no one in the hall indifferent. Gaponenko Eugenes’s dance number was extraordinary as well - a battle for life or daily work of a resuscitator. Pavel Malinowski played the guitar a romantic ballad, and at that time the video clip with our competitor in the main role was shown on the screen. And suddenly in the darkness of the assembly hall the bright lights appeared – those were plenty of raised hands with mobile phone flashlights. This picture was indescribably beautifully!

The last fashion show made by participants was surprising and even made the audience astonished. If earlier they appeared before the audience as a romantic hero or as the London dandy or gentlemen, and now - in the uniform of a prisoner in a torn T-shirt and with chains on his hands ... "Bad guys" behaved defiantly and aggressively on the podium ... Pretty bold decision of the organizers, is not it? The show definitely has a great success!

The results of the competition, as well as results of on-line voting will be announced on November 3 at 16.00 in the framework of grand closing ceremony of XX International Festival of medical students. Come and find out from the first hand who will be the winner of the "Mr. VSMU-2016" title.


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Nadezhda Chepurnenko, a fifth-year student of General Medicine Faculty