International “Science and Education” Competition organized by the Club of the Rectors of Europe (CRE)

sertificateVSMU took part in the International “Science and Education” Competition organized by the Club of the Rectors of Europe (CRE) and the Socrates Committee (Oxford, UK) for higher educational institutions.

The main goals
of the event are to support the pioneers of new knowledge and inspire others to do the same; to develop databases in order to promote the best educational institutions, educational programmes, professors and teachers; to encourage the academic, creative and social activity of teachers and students; and to support, professionalize and recognize innovative academic practice.

Judging process
The Academic Council puts the submitted information about the entrants on the online Leaders Network, grouped by categories.

The winners for each category are decided by a free online vote on the site of Europe Business Assembly (EBA), also taking into account any information in the press, and the views of a committee of experts and a jury. The committee of experts consists of the Academic Council of the CRE (Chairman, Professor W. Goodheer) and a panel of expert professionals from leading educational institutions and research centres including Lucy Mullins, Consultant.

The following Categories were open:

‘Education: excellence and innovation’
Open to: Universities, colleges, business schools and other educational institutions.

‘Best lecturer’
Open to: University teachers and the teachers of other higher educational institutions.

‘Best scientist’
Open to: Academics, graduate students, scholars, and researchers of universities and educational institutions.

‘Best student’
Open to: Students from higher education institutions.

‘Best innovative project’
Open to: Projects, innovative initiatives and recent developments of university academic and research centres.

Best educational textbook’
Open to: The following materials are accepted in the competition: books, coursebooks, book set created individually or jointly by the institution’s officials.

’Best university library’
Open to: University or other institutional libraries only.

'Best academic website’
Open to: Internet university websites where information is accessible for assessment during the competition. Websites with advertising of non-educational purposes will not be considered.

‘Best university motto’
Open to: Educational institutions, business schools and colleges.

‘Best campus’
Open to: The campuses of universities, colleges and other higher education institutions.

VSMU participated in nomination
‘Education: excellence and innovation’ became the winner  and was awarded personal Certificate.