Exhibition of students’ cooking arts

IMG 2858Exhibition of students’ cooking arts opened on October 28 at the MEB student cafe. All our hostels presented their exquisite and original dishes as well as foreign communities of Sri Lanka, Nigeria, Ghana, Lebanon, Turkmenistan and India. This year the dishes have been presented by our cookery experts in "Cakes and sweets" section.

Olga A. Syrodoeva, vice-rector on Pedagogical and Ideological Affairs, opened the culinary exhibition. Then female students showed the short collage to the audience and the red ribbon was cut to let all an access to the table with culinary delicacies. And the feast began ...

Sri Lanka’s community surprised everyone with a variety of marshmallow, fruit paste, jelly, pancakes with coconut and honey. The center was occupied by the table with a magnificent 3-storey cake in the form of ocean on it. You would leave such a beauty untouchable! There was also a cake decorated in the native Sri Lankan flag. The tables were served with patterned pumpkins and candles and figured carved watermelons to celebrate the upcoming Halloween. A huge cake with VSMU logo made by cookers from Lebanon caused a furor of this holiday. It was not only very beautiful, but also incredibly delicious! Turkmenistan treated with chocolate sausage, pancakes, bagels, a huge chocolate cake, "Swallow's Nest" and "Bish mede" dishes. Ghana surprised with various kinds of cookies and toffee, and Indian students entertained everyone not only with delicious huge cake, but also with pilaf, sweet carrots with milk and cheese with peas in a fantastic sauce!

While eating, the participants talked, laughed, and made new acquaintances. Indeed, where else in Vitebsk, you can try so many delicious, exotic foods from around the world free of charge and in the same place? It is possible only at our university!

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Alina Lebedevskaya, a fifth-year student of Stomatological Faculty