Сontest of young performers "Melofon-2016"

previewA contest of young performers "Melofon-2016" was held on November 1, 2016 in the framework of the anniversary XX International Creativity Festival of medical students "Student autumn VSMU-2016".

If you still think that medical students spend their free time in a dissecting room, on duty or in the library, then you would be disappointed in your stereotypes. This event once again proves that the student ranks are full of creative and talented individuals.

9 singers competed to be the best singer of our big "medical family". Participants had to perform two compositions, one of which was thematic. This year, the contestants were required to sing a song in the Belarusian language. All guys treated the selection of songs very seriously to show in maximum their vocal capabilities. Klopova Karina, who performed the "Rechanka" song, was evaluated by the jury as one of the best singers. Artem Belyi conquered the hearts of female audience after performing the melodic Italian song. Thanks to Veronica Gomelkova, the whole auditorium were able to immerse themselves for 3 minutes in the atmosphere of jazz. Karina Sovpel made everyone crazy when she sang Celine Dion’s song «I surrender». I would like to thank the sound engineer, the head of the studio of pop song "Tandem" Natalia V. Bryakova, and, of course, Eduard V. Shalyutin. This competition would not be so vivid and artistic without their professionalism.

Safonova Valeria, a fourth-year student of Medical Faculty

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