"Patenting and intellectual property protection" seminar

seminar patentovedenie2On November 30, 2016, the Council of young scientists initiated a seminar on "Patenting and protection of intellectual property" to be conducted at the University. Two speeches were delivered during the seminar. Senior lecturer of the Department of Forensic Medicine, O.A. Fedchuk introduced to participants the actual information on intellectual property protection in the Republic of Belarus. Associate Professor of the Department of Pharmaceutical Technology with the course of technology transfer N.V. Dubashinskaya made a report on "The Eurasian Patent System".

Natalia Vadimovna Dubashinskaya was trained in a patent school at Information Centre Skolkovo in October 2016, which allowed her, and then the participants, to get acquainted with possibilities of the Eurasian patent system. Eurasian Patent Organization (EAPO), with the Republic of Belarus being its member, is an international intergovernmental organization, which ensures the functioning of the regional system of protection of inventions on a joint patent basis. After being issued the joint Eurasian patent becomes immediately valid in all the states – EAPO members, and does not require any additional action, except for paying the fees to maintain the patent in force. The main stages of the application to be approved: reception, application registration, formal examination, patent search, application issuance, substantive examination, issuance and publication of the patent. Opportunities to work with the Eurasian patent system have been enhanced by electronic filing and payment via the "EAPO-ONLINE" system.

In addition, the information about modern possibilities of patent information search, which is an integral part of the planning of any scientific study, was provided at the seminar. For the time being, the Eurasian Patent Information System (www.eapatis.com), which allows you to generate a report on patent information search in accordance with GOST R15.011-96, is among these resources. To solve the problems of patent search, you can use an experimental search system and analysis of patent information Exactus Patent (www.patent.exactus.ru).

The patent service, which belongs to Questel: Orbit Intelligence company is responsible for intelligent search and analysis of information, business-oriented analysis, management of intellectual property (www.questel.com, www.orbit.com). Patent solutions of LexisNexis – it is a supplier of international patent, legal, business and news information from authoritative sources, as well as tools to manage and analyze the large volumes of information. TotalPatent is the largest collection of patent information worldwide, which is available online. Intelligent search and patent landscaping on the Thomson Innovation platform allows patent and information search to be conducted at a totally new level.