University’s "hotline" phones

To provide advisory and consulting assistance to students and academic faculty staff, to prevent law infringement and extraordinary situations at the university, a “hotline” service has been set up including:

Syrodoyeva O.A., Vice-rector for Pedagogical and Ideological work

Tel. 8-0212-60-15-29, mobile (MTC) +375 -33-675-49-29

Department for educational work with youth

Tel. 8-0212-60-14-39

Geut S.F., Head of Personnel Department

Tel. 8-0212- 60-14-07, MTC + 375-29-714-63-65

Ostapko L.A., Head of Security Service

Tel. 8-0212-60-13-96, MTC + 375-29-711-39-41

Shchupakova A.N., Vice-rector on medical-pharmaceutical work and post-graduate training

Tel. 8-0212-60-14-43, MTC + 375-29-595-95-85

Gorodetskaya I.V., Dean of General Medicine Faculty

Tel. 8-0212-26-10-56, MTC + 375-29-233-12-34

Kugach V.V., Dean of Pharmaceutical Faculty

Tel. 8-0212-60-14-34, MTC + 375-29-711-54-86

Kabanova S.A., Dean of Stomatological Faculty

Tel. 8-0212-60-14-09, MTC + 375-29-596-78-18

Vasiliev O.M., Dean of Faculty of Overseas Students Training

Tel. 8-0212-60-14-01, MTC + 375-33-316-11-63

In case of any emergency situation, heads of departments and structural units should immediately connect through (round-the-clock) one of these above-mentioned hotline phones.