Team of pharmaceutical faculty wins in the team event at VII Chemical-Olympic games held at Saint Petersburg Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy!


Our congratulations to the team of Pharmaceutical Faculty to win in the team event at VII Chemical-Olympic games which were held at Chemical and Pharmaceutical Academy in Saint Petersburg!

The names of winners:


Ezerskaya Anastasiya, fifth-year student, group № 2
Potapenko Mariya, fifth-year student, group № 1
Gruchenkova Eugeniya, fifth-year student, group № 4
Terekhov Eugene, forth-year student, group № 2
Baran Alesya, forth-year student, group № 1
Gatalskaya Kristina, forth-year student, group № 3
Zaitseva Victoriya, forth-year student, group № 4
Yurkevich Alexander, third-year student, group № 2
Statkevich Mariya, third-year student, group № 12
Garashchuk Victoriya, second-year student, group № 7

Team leader – Davidovich Helen, master’s degree student of the chair of management and economy of pharmacy with the FAT and SR course.