Overseas Students Training Faculty’s Deputy Dean Appeal to Alumni

Dear alumni!

The years pass by, more and more experience you gain, more confident you find yourself in the profession you have chosen, higher and higher you climb the career ladder of success, and, no doubt, you recall with sadness and gratitude the university, the city of Vitebsk, and those people you spent 5 or 6 years together on Belarusian land.

In our thoughts, we also look back at the past, looking through old photos, remembering the most memorable moments, and we feel a great desire to know how the study at VSMU influenced your further life and professional activity, how your career developed, what goals you have already achieved and what plans you still pursue.

 Every year many graduates become members of a large VSMU family, wider is the geography of countries represented, but our connections with alumni remain limited.

Dean’s office of Overseas Students Training Faculty and the International Department will be very much grateful, if you help us to restore the history of the Faculty. We kindly ask you to write about yourself, about your professional career, to send your photos to e-mail of the university (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Forward this email to your friends and acquaintances you studied together at Vitebsk State Medical University.

With respect and appreciation,
Faina Ivanovna Vysotskaya, Deputy Dean of OSTF.