Practice of medical and pharmaceutical students in Poznan university of medical science

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In September 3-15, 2018 within the program of academic mobility there was a trip VSMU student’s group to the Poznan University of Medical Sciences named after Karol Marcinkowski .This group included 10 students of medical and pharmaceutical faculties. The head of the Department of International Affairs, associate professor of Pediatrics chair Olga Victorovna Matyushchenko headed this delegation.

It is necessary to note the thought-out organization of our stay in Poznan from the Polish side: we were hospitably met and put to the hostel «Esculap» which situated in the heart of the university campus. Food, tickets and maps of the city were provided for us.

The main aim of our trip was acquaintance with the medical university.

First of all, students of pharmaceutical faculty visited department of inorganic and analytical chemistry. Young scientists acquainted us with the sphere of scientific interests of the department, namely: a proteomics and a        metabolomics, search of tumor markers at ovarian cancer and lung cancer, control of efficiency of medicinal therapy at the molecular level in various diseases, dynamics of population consumption of narcotic substances through analysis of sewage.

At the department of pharmaceutical biochemistry headed by professor Wanda Bayer-Dubovskaya studying of chemical components of plants influence on the process of DNA methylation, possibilities of cancer chemoprophylaxis by means of components of plants takes place the epigenetic side of this problem is considered.

At the department of medical and cosmetic natural production, met professor Gerard Novak who studies new opportunities of therapy of a hyperpigmentation, migraine and seborrhea.

Department of clinical chemistry and molecular diagnostics made a strong impression on us. During laboratory classes students master methods of isolation of DNA for the further analysis on various PCR detection system. The purpose of these classes is to develop practical skills in diagnosis of infectious and viral diseases.

It was the first time when students of Medical Faculty of VSMU had practical training in the Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

Firstly, we have visited surgical department of a gastroendocrinology and oncology where we were welcomed by professor Tomasz Banasevich and doctor Mikhail Glyda. They showed us the hospital unit where the department is located,  and during 2 days we  had a chance to see  the most difficult operations as surgery of  a huge inguinoscrotal  hernia and tumor of J-shaped inosculation imposed after total colectomy because of familial colorectal polyposis and also modern technique of drain and sanitation suppurative focuses VAC - vacuum therapy of the infectious and inflammatory of the left  hip joint.         

One day of surgical practice was at the Endoscopy department. We were met by head of the department – Dr. Pashkovsky and Dr. Kukharsky closely supervised us the whole day.

Then our practice took place at the unit of otorhinolaryngology and oncology of ENT-organ where professor Malgozhata Verzhbitskaya and doctor Jasek Banzhevsky were curators of the students. At this department, we saw amount of difficult and high-tech operations, such as installation of the cochlear implant, which can help the deaf from the birth children to hear, excisions of tumors in various localizations (tongue, major salivary glands, a nose and a throat) with metastasis and without it, operation on othelcosiss, ethmoid polypus in a nose cavity. Doctors were happy to answer our questions.       

Except educational program, we also had interesting cultural program in Poznan. We had a big excursion around this beautiful city. Our sightseeing began with the main tourist attractions such as Ostrów Tumsk and the Old Market Square. Archcathedral Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul is located on the island and it is one of the oldest churches in Poland and the oldest Polish Cathedral, which foundation belongs to the X century. There are a great number of museums in Poznan: Rogalowe Muzeum - the museum of traditional Poznan bagels. The so – called "cookies" - a traditional dish for the Feast of Saint Martin.

We are sincerely grateful to the authorities of Poznan University of Medical Science for the high professional level of organization and conducting our training.

In addition, we thank the Rector of VSMU professor Anatoly Tadeushevich Shchastniy, Vice-rector for Educational Affairs, professor Natalia Konovalova, Vice-rector of International Affairs and Work with Foreign Citizens, associate professor Maxim Mikhailovich Savchuk, the Deans of the Medical and Pharmaceutical Faculties, the Department of International Affairs of VSMU and everyone who took part in the organization of our trip to Poznan.

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