Baltsurg project

Doctors and students from VSMU are invited to participate in the newest project – BaltSurg. Baltsurg is a team of physicians, surgeons, residents, nurses medical students and patients who are interested in improving the outcomes of medical and surgical treatment of patients in the Baltic region and Worldwide by conducting international collective research. Our first project is focused on Surgery - “Predicting outcomes of general surgery in elderly patients - prospective international multicentre cohort study”. We invite anyone to join the research and get a chance to participate in a project that could change the way we treat every patient. As of know we are preparing the protocol and will be delivering all the information in December and the data collection would start in 2019 February or May.

We are planning to do 1 Big project per year, however multiple possibilities will be made for researchers wanting to conduct smaller research projects, because our team will use REDcap system for data collection and we will help smaller groups get a substantial amount of patients for a significant publication.

As of today we have researchers signing up from all over the World: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Germany, USA, Ukraine, Belarus and many more. We invite your doctors and students to become the leading force of your city or even country and change the medicine as we know it now.

We would appreciate it if you spread the word with students and doctors of your university

Yours sincerely, BaltSurg Team