International scientific practical conference "Modern Molecular-biochemical Markers in Clinical and Experimental Medicine - 2019" 07– 09 November 2019, Prague, Czech Republic

The conference is organized by Scientific Association European Scientific Center “Biological Marker“ (ESCBM),

Satellite symposiums and Master-classes are planned within the Conference.

  1. Genomic biomarkers in human disease. DNA and RNA biomarkers. Transcriptomic and Integratomic Biomarkers.
  2. Laboratory, personalized and translational medicine.
  3. Biological markers in Theoretical and Clinical Medicine (Biological Markers in cardiology, neurology, internal diseases. Biomarkers for neurodegenerative and autoimmune disorders, molecular-genetic markers SNPs).
  4. Biological markers in Immunology and Allergy.
  5. Biological markers in Dentistry (Markers of Bone Tissue, Inflammation, Oxidative stress, Implantology). Genomic biomarkers in Dentistry. Polymorphisms of genes associated with Dentistry Disease.
  6. Actual questions of the medical chemistry.

Detailed information about the conference: