Round table "Cooperation dialogues ''teacher – student”: problems of distance learning in English"

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Within the frames of joint cooperation of the Laboratory of Innovative Pedagogy, the Distance Learning Department and curators of groups of foreign students (Department of General and Physical and Colloid Chemistry, Organic Chemistry), a round table revealing the problems of distance learning in English was held on March 13, 2019. The moderators of the round table were: G. Sinkov, Head of Distance Learning Department, Z.S. Kuntsevich, Head of Department of General Physical and Colloidal Chemistry, O.A. Khodos, Head of Department of Organic Chemistry.

The OSTF first-year students took part in this event. During the meeting at the round table, the issues of information support for the educational process - the electronic timetable, the mobile application for SDL and many others - were discussed. Foreign students expressed satisfaction with the Department of Distance Learning, showed an interest towards information about the research work of students and university staff in English, available on VSMU website. The discussion was held on informal basis, allowing students to ask relevant questions to be answered.

The students could ask questions through an online-forum in English organized by the Distance Learning Department before the event began. The online-forum will be available until the end of March 2019, so that students might receive answers to their questions. When the round table was over, the students thanked the organizers for the opportunity to discuss actual issues.

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