Foreign students visit Minsk

fpig to MinskOn May 11, students of the Faculty of Overseas Students Training visited the capital of the Republic of Belarus - the hero-city of Minsk. O.A. Khodos (curator of 48 and 51 groups of the first course of OSTF) and Z.S. Kuntsevich (curator of 47 groups of the first course of OSTF) notified the foreign students about this trip. Students from Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Spain, India, Lebanon and Pakistan under the leadership of the OSTF deputy dean M.A. Senkovich and the head of the Department of Organic Chemistry Associate Professor O.A. Khodos visited the National Library of Belarus and the Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War. With undisguised interest, students listened to guides, viewed historical exhibits, collections of small arms, military ammunition and paraphernalia, photographs, and much more. Foreign students got acquainted with the historical past of the Republic of Belarus, with the peculiarities of librarianship and saw Minsk from a bird's-eye view.

Such informative excursions allow foreign students to better adapt in the Republic of Belarus, make students’ life more saturated and diverse.

Senkovich M.A.
Deputy Dean in educational work of Overseas Students Training Faculty

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