Victory in the contest of national cultures, creativity and beauty "Grace International"!

international diplomThe first open competition of national cultures, creativity and beauty "Grace International" was held on March 4 in the "Vitebsk" concert hall. Representatives of Belarus, China, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan competed for the title of winner. All the girls are university students of the regional center. They had to reveal their talents in multifaceted manner. The girls were supposed to impress the jury with culinary abilities, having demonstrated the national food, oratory and creative inclinations.

The final part of the competition was divided into two stages. The first stage and the first competitive test was a national food. The girls were really able to surprise the competent jury with national culinary masterpieces. The second stage of the final competition included a public speaking contest, a creative competition and a fashion show competition in national costumes and wedding dresses.


The winner in the Miss Grace International nomination became Diyangu Badathuruge Parista Nayani Dulasmith, a VSMU student from Sri Lanka! She charmed everyone with her open smile. And the national Sri Lankan dance really ignited the whole audience. Of course, I would like to express my gratitude to the active support group - OSTF students of different courses.

I Vice-Miss became a contestant from China - Huan Putzi. The nominations of the II Vice-Miss and III Vice-Miss were awarded to girls from Belarus - Polina Evstafieva and Natalya Drachikova.

This wonderful competition has revealed the atmosphere of national colors of different nations, in which friendship and unity, creativity, grace and beauty prevailed!

Vice-dean of Overseas Students Training Faculty M.A. Senkovich

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