Congratulations from the rector of the university on Victory Day

den pobedDear veterans of the Great Patriotic War, academic staff and students of the University!

With all of my heart I congratulate you on an important and solemn date in the history of our people - Victory Day! We will always remember those who heroically fought on all fronts, worked in the rear, and rebuilt the country in the post-war years. This holiday for us is associated with strong emotions and feelings: bitterness of loss, pride in the Victory won, awareness of the fragility of the world and responsibility for its preservation. I would like to address the warmest words of gratitude to our veterans who endured all the hardships of the war. Thank you and deepest gratitude! I wish everyone a good mood, health, prosperity and many years of peaceful, creative life! My heartiest congratulations on Victory Day!

                                                                                                 Professor A.T. Shchastny, VSMU rector