Student Study Days... What Are They Like?

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 Student study days... What are they like? Eventful and productive! Students of the Stomatological Faculty comprehend science on the basis of Vitebsk State Medical University: they master dental instruments, study Black's Classification of Carious Lesions, conduct professional hygienic cleaning of the oral cavity, make presentations, analyze clinical cases.

Learning is difficult, although this is not surprising that in order to honestly receive knowledge, you need to put a lot of effort and time. In this case, students usually receive help from their teachers. Mentors share real “cases” from their life, talk about their own mistakes; they give not only the materials provided by the educational program, but also offer additional ways to immerse in the topic – watching movies, educational lectures, videos on YouTube, analytical articles. It is a pleasure to work in a friendly, warm atmosphere. 

One of our teachers once said, “Being a doctor is not a profession where at the end of the working day it is allowed to close the office, forget about working moments and calmly switch to personal matters. The doctor constantly thinks about their patients.” Teachers inspire students, and students thank them with their knowledge and success. Feedback allows the student to see the gaps, fix their achievements and understand in which direction to move. In addition, the mentor helps to work through mistakes and find alternative ways to solve problems. As a matter of fact, a dental student has everything they need to realize their potential, that is why practice makes perfect.

VSMU Media Center: Victoria Randarenko, Marina  Plyshevskaya

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