Goodness is always saving!

previewCharity is an inseparable part of life of our beloved university. Therefore, the concert program on results of the charity campaign "Goodness is always saving..." was awaited by everyone eagerly. This act of helping for children of the Vitebsk regional infant orphanage-based palliative center has been conducting for years already and is successfully being carried on further.

This is why the people not indifferent to the sufferings of others gathered on 3 November 2016 in the assembly hall. "Art Project" acting skills studio was awarded the right to open this festival of kindness, and the opening was a success after the sweet song had been performed, which charged everyone with positive feelings. Olga A. Syrodoeva’s speech, the vice-rector on Pedagogical and Ideological affairs, and handling a symbolic certificate in a 45 million non-denominated rubles amount to Elena G. Mizerkina, the chief doctor of the infant orphanage, was one of the main event of the concert.

We were encouraged by a huge number of incredibly talented guests of our university: a exemplary pop ensemble "Vetraz" and a choreographic group of exemplary vocal and dance ensemble "Perepelochka" of gymnasium № 3, winners of international and national competitions Sergey Golub and Maxim Pisarenko, as well as dance groups «Level up» and "Zion" from Vitebsk State University and Vitebsk State Academy of Veterinary Medicine, respectively. The touching and inspiring performance of the "Dancing on wheels" project by Anna Pavlovich and Vasiliy Rudenko was especially artistic and remembered by everyone. This was the dance, where the partner moves in a wheelchair, but he is expressive and gallant like a real gentleman.

Then the viewers were shown performances of our "native" groups ... "Millennium», «Existence», «Infiniti», «Mixfeeds» dance group from Sri Lanka simply "bathed" in loud applause. Denis Markewich, Karina Klopova, Veronica Gomelkova and Natalia Dashkevich superbly performed their songs, not leaving everyone indifferent ... The duet of our violinists Julia and Alexandra Sinkevich, the performance of art theater «De Facto», and the art song of Alexandra Sheverdova continued this festive fairy show.

Make goodness and it will surely return to you! Remember that making one small good thing, you make a little happier those who especially need it.

Valeria Safonova, a fourth-year student of Medical Faculty

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