Opening of a New Hostel №8

obschezhitien6 05On February 16, a long-awaited event for all of us was held - a new 16-storey students’ hostel №8 was officially opened. This is a real gift for students and their parents, for our university and our city. 470 students of our university will find their new home in this large, beautiful, modern-equipped building. Honored guests were present at our holiday: Minister of Health of the Republic of Belarus Valery Malashko, Deputy Chairman of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Vladimir Penin, Chairman of Vitebsk City Executive Committee Viktor Nikolaykin, Head of the Health Department of Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee Yuriy Derkach, Chairman of Vitebsk Regional Organization of the Union of Health Care Workers Vladislav Muzhichenko, General Director of the company “Zhilstroy” Alexander Litvinov.


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