Christmas Concert for Students and Staff of VSMU

rojdestv concert 01

On December 21, 2022, there was a Christmas concert “Wonder of Christmas” at the Region Philharmonic Hall, which was organized for students and university staff. The Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra led by the conductor Vladimir Belyavsky and the soloists of the Philharmonic prepared a bright program dedicated to Christmas and the New Year. They performed works by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Sergei Prokofiev, Alan Silvestri, John Williams, Henry Martin, Stevie Wonder and others. On the eve of the New Year holidays, the concert of the symphony orchestra was a real gift for everyone!

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Conferences with Chinese Universities

conferences chines 01

On December 17, 2022, VSMU took part online in the Innovation Forum on Traditional Medicine Research, organized by VSMU's partner university, Guizhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The forum, with the theme “Inheritance and Innovation, Cooperation and Exchange, and Creating a Future Together”, consisted of the Guizhou Scholars Section, Young Researchers Section, Graduate Student Section, and Joint Education Section. From VSMU, the candidate of biological sciences, head of the Chair of Standardization of Medicines with the Course of the Faculty of Advanced Training and Staff Retraining Yakovleva Olga Alexandrovna made the report “Antioxidant activity of Rubus rosifolius Sm., cultivated in the territory of the Republic of Belarus”. The event was attended by speakers from universities in China, the UK, the Russian Federation.

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VSMU Students Visited the Animal Shelter “Dobrik”

dobrik12 01

James Herriot, in his book “All Creatures Great and Small”, wrote about the feelings of animals: “Like people, animals need friends.”

On December 12, 2022, VSMU students visited the shelter “Dobrik” for homeless animals, in which there are not only dogs, but also puppies, cats, kittens. 

Each student brought some food and cleaning supplies that the shelter needs so much. The shelter staff also asked the students to clean the snow on the territory for a more convenient dog walking.

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Charity Concert at the Boarding House for the Elderly and Disabled People in Vitebsk

volshebnaya indiya 01

December 3rd is the International Day of Persons with Disabilities. In honor of this, a charity concert “Magic India” was held at the Boarding House for the elderly and disabled people with the participation of Sri Lankan and Indian students studying at the Overseas Students Training Faculty. 

In addition, the organizers of the event were Vitebsk Cultural Center, Charitable Foundation “Mission” and cafe “Shafran”. Students demonstrated dance and music, both group and solo performances. Dance groups “Indofusion” and “MixFeeds” showed modern trends, and the Sri Lankan folk dance “Kandian” especially captivated all the guests.

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